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  • VIENNA for 65€

Personal transport, airport transfers, and transfers between airports

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About us

Our company Schwechat Preprava is engaged in the transport of international airports, transportation across the country and Europe. Our priorities include the satisfaction and safety of our customers. Happy to provide you with maximum comfort, therefore we use luxury cars Mercedes-benz E class and Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Safe driving

Reliable and fast

We have vehicles that meet the strict standards imposed on the safety of the crew and also offer our clients a high level of comfort. Our vehicles are regularly checked in the authorized services, so that we ensure the maximum safety and comfort during your travels.

The contractual right

For companies, business centers and hotels

We offer a comprehensive solution and in order to optimize of transport services of company employees, business partners and guests of the hotel. Offer of vehicles we adapt based on customer requirements. And all this for individual pricing and payment terms, exactly as it will suit you and your business.

Airport transport

Transfers between airports

We provide transfers to international airports throughout the EU at the best prices. We provide you with experienced drivers, who will be transferred securely to the specified location. On your telephone or mail order, the vehicle will be brought to your desired address, or, in the case of transfer from airport Schwechat, our perfectly informed and suitably clad chauffeurs wait in the arrivals hall, they will always be happy to help you with your luggage and take you to your Limo.

Courier services - NEW

Additional service

We provide the fastest domestic and international transport including pick-up and delivery of small packages, parcels or documents for companies and entrepreneurs as well as for private persons.

Why travel with us?

To our customers, we provide services related to the transport of persons, for which we guarantee maximum comfort, our flexibility and professional approach. We are here for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week. For your safe and comfortable transport, our team of professional drivers with many years of experience in the field of transport. Try us and discover the next trip to the airport.

Airport transfers and transfers between the airports (Wien Schwechat Airport, Bratislava Milana Rastislava Štefánika Airport, Budapest Ferihegy Airport, Václav Havel Airport Prague)

  • Transport for businesses and organizations
  • Car rental with driver for weddings, celebrations, graduations
  • Car rental with driver for conferences
  • Transport hotel guests
  • Any transport according to your requirements
  • Only non-smoking vehicles and always clean
  • Escorting delegations, conferences and other cultural events
  • The possibility of driving all of a sudden more vehicles Mercedes-Benz

Price list
North Preview
Schwechat 90%
Bratislava Airport 75%
Ferihegy Airport 55%
Prague Airport 40%
Weddings 65%
Car rental 40%


Happy to provide you with maximum comfort, therefore we use luxury cars Mercedes-benz E class and Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Price list

The prices are measured from the Centre of Bratislava and no waiting

17€ One way ride

Bratislava Airport

  • Admission free parking
  • No food
  • Credit card payment
  • Car seat gratis
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250€ One way ride

Prague Airport

  • Each of the 3 ride 15% discount
  • Refreshments-mineral water
  • Credit card payment
  • Car seat gratis
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40€ One way ride

Schwechat Airport

  • 1 hour of waiting for free
  • Refreshments-mineral water
  • Credit card payment
  • Car seat gratis
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180€ One way ride

Ferihegy Airport

  • Each of the 3 ride 15% discount
  • Refreshments-mineral wate
  • Credit card payment
  • Car seat gratis
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The complete price list

Check out our quote. And if you did not find in our offer a place where you need to carry, so please contact us and we'll give you a cost estimate.

Price list for transport to airports in the vicinity of the Slovak Republic

TrasaRoute 1-4 of a person 5-8 people
Bratislava - Schwechat Vienna Airport 40 € 85 €
Schwechat Vienna Airport - Bratislava 45 € 90 €
Bratislava - Airport M.R. Štefánika 17 € 30 €
Bratislava - Budapest Ferihegy Airport 180 € 240 €
Bratislava - Airport Václava Havla Praha 250 € 390 €
Bratislava - Brno Turňany Airport 120 € 150 €

Price list of services to cities in the Slovak Republic

Route 1-4 of a person
Bratislava - Ivanka pri Dunaji 20 €
Bratislava - Senec 20 €
Bratislava - Pezinok 20 €
Bratislava - Malacky 30 €
Bratislava - Trnava 45 €
Bratislava - Piešťany 65 €
Bratislava - Nitra 69 €
Bratislava - Nové Zámky 80 €
Bratislava - Trenčín 90 €
Bratislava - Zvolen 140 €
Bratislava - Žilina 149 €
Bratislava - Banská Bystrica 149 €
Bratislava - Martin 169 €
Bratislava - Rožňava 200 €
Bratislava - Poprad 259 €
Bratislava - Košice 299 €

Price list of services to cities in the European Union

Route 1-4 of a person
Bratislava - Brno 120 €
Bratislava - Praha 250 €
Bratislava - Plzeň 320 €
Bratislava - Karlovy Váry 333 €
Bratislava - Viedeň 65 €
Bratislava - Graz 179 €
Bratislava - Linz 199 €
Bratislava - Insbruck 399 €
Bratislava - Rajka 20 €
Bratislava - Győr 49 €
Bratislava - Budapešť 180 €
Bratislava - Berlín 499 €
Bratislava - Frankfurt 599 €
Bratislava - Zagreb 299 €
Bratislava - Makarská 499 €
Bratislava - Katowice 270 €
Bratislava - Warszawa 499 €
Bratislava - Benátky 399 €
Bratislava - Miláno 699 €

Shopping centers in the vicinity of the Slovak Republic

Route 1-4 of a person
Bratislava - Kitsse 14 €
Bratislava - Hainburg 17 €
Bratislava - Parndorf Outlet 23 €
Bratislava - Vienna Centrum 65 €
Bratislava - Shopping City Süd 79 €
Bratislava - Funpalast (Vienna) 69 €
Bratislava - Goldentime (Vienna) 69 €
Waiting until 1 hour (arrival airport) Included
Waiting over 1 hour 15€/hod
Baby car seat Included
More than 1 address + 5€
The outermost part of Bratislava : (Dúbravka, Lamač, Devínska, Devín, Vrakuňa, Dolné Hony, Podunajské Biskupice, Letisko Bratislava, Rača, Vajnory, Zlaté Piesky) +5€
Limousine with driver (unlimited km in the city, or the agreement) 50€/hour 50€/hour
The payment can be implemented
Cash in euro
Cash in foreign currency converted at the daily exchange rate of the ECB
By credit card, when requesting a vehicle from the Terminal
Invoice for subscribers

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